Discover Shopify's first fully customizable Store Locator

We offer the perfect store locator solution for Shopify companies. Selling the product is hard - let use help you make finding it.

Endless possibilities

We are proudly the only store locator to offer unlimited HTML and SCSS to allow for limitless customization.
Easy Implementation

We made the installation process extremely simple and clear, because you should only need to be worried about the complex stuff.

Unlimited Customization

We allow advanced customization using HTML, CSS and Javascript to completely customize the look and feel to your needs.

Opening hours & Holidays

Make it earlier on your customers by communicating opening hours and holidays for each individual store.

Simple code-free customization options in the theme builder

Our store locator provides simple customization options integrated into the Shopify Theme builder for people that like to take matters into their own hands, and advanced customization options for experienced developers

Easy integration with Google Maps, with built-in advanced styling

With 6 built-in styles and the freedom to provide your own styled map, our store locator provides full customization options for Google Maps.

Support for opening hours & holidays

Your customers will never stand in front of a closed store again when you can communicate opening hours and holidays for each individual store. If your stores are already on Google Maps, we will automatically retrieve the opening hours for you.

Only pay for what you need

We offer the simplest pricing because we believe you should only pay for the actual amount of stores used

  • 3 Stores
  • Full Customization Capabilities
  • No Affiliate Branding
  • 15 stores, $0.20 per additional store
  • Full Customization Capabilities
  • No Affiliate Branding
  • Premium Support

^ All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charces, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

All plans include:

Theme Builder Customization

Simple Theme Builder customization options

Seamless theme integration

Installation in theme of choice

Optimized experience for mobile and major browsers

Support for all major browsers and mobile devices

Support for hours & holidays

Support for opening hours & holidays

Advanced HTML & SCSS Customizations

Advanced and complete customization options with HTML & SCSS

Speedy set up

Send us a CSV and we will bulk import all of your store information, including the websites and phone numbers for all of your existing stores

Multi-page integrations

Support for multi-page integrations with different styles on each page

No affiliate branding

Never any Beauty and the Nerds or affiliate branding

Want some help? We got you.

Jump start the process and work with our team of experts for a one time fee of just $99

  • Install the app into your theme
  • Customized tutorial educating you how it works
  • Bulk import all of your existings stores

Take your store to the next level

Finding your product should be easy.

Download now and see how simple it can be.